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Copersucar reorganizes shipments

24.10.2013 9:04 AM | No Comments

  Copersucar, the greater trading of sugar and ethanol in the world, had loaded 45 % of the sugar foreseen for the whole season of 2013/14 between April and September this year. On October 18 , the sugar warehouses...

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Progress in ports might still delay

05.08.2013 11:26 PM | No Comments

  The new Law of Ports is evaluated as a progress by associations linked to agribusiness, advisers and economists, but there are restrictions about its effectiveness facing the Port Blackout. One of the main critics is about the legal...

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Santos Estuary Channel closed for berthing/unberthing maneuvers

02.07.2013 8:26 PM | No Comments

  Please be informed that on June 04th and June 05th as of 07:00 till 10:00 AM, Port Authority has determined the partially interdiction of the Santos Estuary Channel, between Wharf 23 until Wharf 29 in order to finalize removal of remains of the Teffe...

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Santos Estuary Channel Draft Increase to 14.20m at High Tide

24.06.2013 9:58 PM | No Comments

  The maximum allowed draft at Santos Port Estuary Channel is now 14.20 meters at high tide (+1.00 meter tide) between buoy 1A and Torre Grande (Wharf 27), as approved by Harbor Master. At low tide (0.00 meter), the...

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Santos Port: Accident at Export Corridor

10.06.2013 9:18 PM | No Comments

  At around 13:00 hours today, a vessel called Norsul Camocim, lost control when crossing Santos port entrance and hit MV Hanjn Odessa which is presently berthed at ADM Terminal and after that, collided with one of the shiploaders...

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Fire in TGG Terminal

06.06.2013 9:39 PM | No Comments

Today, at around 16:30 hours, a large fire started at TGG Terminal, a grain terminal located at the left bank of Santos Port.   Santos Port Authorities suspects that the fire was caused by the terminal’s rubber conveyor belt...

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MV Yusho Regulus Cleared and Sailing from Santos Port

04.06.2013 10:37 PM | No Comments

The MV Yusho Regulus has just been cleared by Santos Harbor Master Authority and scheduled to sail from Santos Port. According to its protective agents, vessel is repaired and in seaworthy condition. After the cast off maneuver, MV Yusho...

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17.05.2013 10:12 AM | No Comments

Source: Alphamar.   Even though cargo operations of some vessels alongside were stopped on May 14th and May 15th due to stevedores strike protesting against the “MP 595”, operations have resumed as of 19:00 hours on May 15th and...

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16.05.2013 10:32 AM | No Comments

Source: Alphamarship.   Kindly note that vessels alongside Santos port have resumed their cargo operations as of 19:00 hours on May 15th and up to this morning no strike stoppages have been reported. Therefore cargo operations are running at...

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Strike at Santos Port

16.05.2013 1:30 AM | 1 Comment

Source: Alphamarship Please be informed that as of 07:00 hours today, May 15th, the cargo operations of the vessels alongside Santos port are being stopped due to Stevedores Strike, as they are protesting against progress of the voting of...

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Santos Port channel new depth

29.04.2013 11:23 AM | No Comments

With information from: Portos e Navios /Gazeta do Povo (PR)/Agência Estado   After 3 years dredging the Santos Port channel, the Brazilian Federal Government will certify the increase of its depth.   The new depth of up to 14,9 meters...

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Santos Port Workers Protest

19.02.2013 6:45 PM | No Comments

Information and free translation by Alphamar Maritime Agency.   Santos Port workers are advising they shall stop their activities next Friday (February 22nd) during the morning time as a warning protest against the ports provisional measure (Medida Provisória 595)....

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