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Lianyungang Port takes RMB200m loan

09.12.2013 6:43 AM | No Comments

Shanghai: Lianyungang Port announced that the company has decided to apply for a RMB200m loan from DBS Bank (China) to satisfy the company’s financial needs. The period of the loan is three years and the annual interest rate is...

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Copersucar reorganizes shipments

24.10.2013 9:04 AM | No Comments

  Copersucar, the greater trading of sugar and ethanol in the world, had loaded 45 % of the sugar foreseen for the whole season of 2013/14 between April and September this year. On October 18 , the sugar warehouses...

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Suspended the amplification of Vale Terminal

04.10.2013 10:03 AM | No Comments

  The Justice has determined the stoppage of the amplification works of the Terminal Integrador Portuário Luiz Antonio Mesquita (TIPLAM), VLI possession, in Cubatão (SP). The decision is on a preliminary basis and also determines that Cetesb, state environmental...

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Panama Canal Authority Fines Detained North Korean Ship Smuggling Cuban Arms

29.09.2013 9:53 AM | No Comments

  Panama’s Canal Authority slapped a fine of up to $1 million on the owners of a North Korean ship seized in July for smuggling Cuban weapons under 10,000 tons of sugar. The fine was for failing to accurately...

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Liaoning company invests in Russian port

12.09.2013 1:18 PM | No Comments

Dalian: A Liaoning-based company plans to invest $150m in the development and construction of the port of Sovetskaya Gavan in Russia. Sovetskaya Gavan is a town in Khabarovsk Krai, Russia, and a port on the Strait of Tartary which...

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Port Bidding will have rate of return of 7.5%

07.08.2013 10:00 AM | No Comments

  The government has attached in 7.5% the internal rate of return on the new port lease contract that intends to bid in the end of the year. The first round of bids must be published until the end...

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Progress in ports might still delay

05.08.2013 11:26 PM | No Comments

  The new Law of Ports is evaluated as a progress by associations linked to agribusiness, advisers and economists, but there are restrictions about its effectiveness facing the Port Blackout. One of the main critics is about the legal...

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New terminal starts trial operation at Jiangyin port

14.06.2013 2:37 PM | No Comments

Shanghai: Jiangyin port in Jiangsu province has started trial operation of a new terminal which is jointly invested in by Citic Group and China National Coal Group. Total investment on the project is RMB1.28bn. Phase one project will include...

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Fire in TGG Terminal

06.06.2013 9:39 PM | No Comments

Today, at around 16:30 hours, a large fire started at TGG Terminal, a grain terminal located at the left bank of Santos Port.   Santos Port Authorities suspects that the fire was caused by the terminal’s rubber conveyor belt...

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17.05.2013 10:12 AM | No Comments

Source: Alphamar.   Even though cargo operations of some vessels alongside were stopped on May 14th and May 15th due to stevedores strike protesting against the “MP 595”, operations have resumed as of 19:00 hours on May 15th and...

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16.05.2013 10:32 AM | No Comments

Source: Alphamarship.   Kindly note that vessels alongside Santos port have resumed their cargo operations as of 19:00 hours on May 15th and up to this morning no strike stoppages have been reported. Therefore cargo operations are running at...

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Strike at Santos Port

16.05.2013 1:30 AM | 1 Comment

Source: Alphamarship Please be informed that as of 07:00 hours today, May 15th, the cargo operations of the vessels alongside Santos port are being stopped due to Stevedores Strike, as they are protesting against progress of the voting of...

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