Bergen Group Fosen has today completed the successful delivery of MS “Stavangerfjord” to the shipping company Fjord Line. The vessel is considered to be among the most environmentally friendly cruise ships, and is the first large cruise ferry in the world powered exclusively by liquefied natural gas (using single fuelled LNG engines).

The ship is significant emission benefits compared to vessels with engines and propulsion based on traditional heavy oil. For example, sulfur emissions are completely eliminated, and emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduced by 92 percent. In addition, there is installed a heat recovery system (WHR) which converts waste heat from exhaust gas to the steam generated electricity. This alone covers the need for power to all cabins and public areas used by the ship’s passengers and crew.

The hull design of the cruise ferry is developed by Bergen Group Fosen and the design is optimized for reduced water resistance and increased stability. This contributes to greater comfort on board in high seas and reduced fuel consumption. The 170 meter long vessel has about 300 cabins and can accommodate just over 1500 passengers and 600 cars. On board are several restaurants, shops and art entertainment facilities. The Stavangerfjord is the first of two cruise ferries to be built by Bergen Group Fosen for Fjord Line.

The hull for the next cruise ferry arrived Fosen in late March for outfitting and completion. Bergen Group and Fjord Line will in the near future clarify the final delivery of this sister ship.

Source: Shipbuilding Tribune.